Tue-Thu 16 – 23, Fri 15 – 02, Sat 14 – 02, Sun 16 – 21 (Kitchen 20) Mo are closed.
Tue-Thu 16 – 23, Fri 15 – 02, Sat 14 – 02, Sun 16 – 21 (Kitchen 20) Mo are closed.

WeirdWaves! Every friday and saturday! Live Dj:s! Music from the B-sides! Drinks, beer, wine, games, music and people.

To share or something to nibble on (take one or two if you are not that hungry or three or more if you are)

Myrttinen’s helan går! (L, G) … 4,90€
With a shot of vodka …. 10,90€

Wake up your taste buds with a traditional pickle served with sour cream and spiced honey.

Sweet potato boats (L, G, V) … 7,90€

Handcrafted sweet potato wedges with Kumma´s herb mayonnaise.

Halloumi fries (L, G) … 8,90€
(Available without nut)

Alluring autumnal pear compote, ginger mayonnaise and crushed walnut.

Six-shooter fried Lotus roots (L, G, V) … 8,90€

Sliced and fried lotus root seasoned with sumac salt and served with Muhammara dip and ginger mayo.

Kumma’s Mac ´n´ Cheese … 9,80€

Creamy and cheesy deep-fried chunks of mac ‘n’ cheese served with Nduja (salami) mayo OR herb mayo.

Grilled Mexican street corn (L, G, V) … 8,30€

Grilled baby corn with spicy oil, jalapeno slices, spring onion and grated vegan parmesan cheese.

Gagnam Style Ribs (L, Pyydettäessä vegaani) … 9,90€

Tender and spicy perfectly baked pork OR seitan ribs with Korean style gochujang sauce and pickled sesame and chilli cucumber.

Tao Bao Buns (L) … 10,90€

Tao Tao’s favourite bao buns with the filling of your choice. Served with ginger mayo, balsamic syrup and pickled red onion.

Choose Chicken OR *veggie chicken* (vegan)

Pimientos de padron (L, G, V) … 8,90€

Forgivingly delicious grilled Spanish Padron peppers with lemon juice, finger salt, vegan parmesan cheese and some Muhammara dip.


Don´t Worry Curry (L, G) … 22,90€

The little bit better and gently spiced curry! Cod and king prawns served on a bed of fennel rice. Roasted chickpeas, Brussels sprout, cilantro and bok choy.

Katsu Pikachu (L, V) … 20,90€

Traditional Japanese street food dressed all up in veggies. Panko-crusted and deep-fried eggplant with ginger mayo. Autumnal sautéed mushrooms and edamame beans with miso butter. Crunchy quinoa, sesame and chilli cucumbers and vegetables.

(L, sis. pähkinää, Pyydettäessä gluteeniton) … 20,50€
Hallo burger

Succulent disc of halloumi cheese between potato-based buns. Crispy lettuce, Kumma´s herb mayo, Muhammara and pickled red onion. Served with a side of sweet potato wedges and herb mayo.

Smash my b***h up! (Smash burger) (L, G, Pyydettäessä gluteeniton) … 20,50€

2 x 90g juicy burgers and “Aura” blue cheese between potato-based buns. Nduja mayo (salami), lettuce, pickled red onion and pear compote. Served with a side of sweet potato wedges and herb mayo.

Taste Festivals (All the nice things on a single plate)

Veggie Fest (L, sis. pähkinää) … 25,90€

– Sautéed mushrooms with miso butter
– Sliced and fried lotus root seasoned with sumac salt
– Grilled baby corns
– Crunchy deep-fried chunk of mac ’n’ cheese with herb mayo
– Halloumi fries, pear compote, ginger and herb mayonnaise and crushed walnut
– Lettuce, pickled red onion, sesame and chilli cucumbers, balsamic syrup and quinoa

Meat Fest (L) … 25,90€

– Tender, spicy and perfectly baked pork ribs with Korean gochujang sauce
– Local Nakki-Hannu’s artesan sausage
– Crunchy deep-fried chunk of mac ’n’ cheese with Nduja mayo
– Fried chicken with balsamico sauce
– Sweet potato wedges with herb mayo
– Lettuce, pickled red onion, balsamic syrup and quinoa

Last hurrah!

Bar Fight Sea Buckthorn (L, G) … 10,90€

Licorice parfait with white chocolate sand, sea buckthorn gel and marinated sea buckthorns.

El Choco Loco (G, V) … 10,90€

Chilli chocolate mousse, meringue, caramelized almond and marinated satsuma.